Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage...vintage...vintage! Vintage stuff makes me so happy. Some day I am going to have a bookcase full of vintage books that I will never read. A drawer full of old keys that don't go to anything. I will have cracked bottles that are a hundred years old because that sort of thing makes me happy. :) Aren't you happy just thinking about it as well? 

Here are some cute vintage things I found on pinterest...

This pink sewing machine is adorable!

I wish little girls still dressed this way. :)

Amazing car!!! 

This is such a great idea. Using old typewriter keys for jewelry. I wish I could make these! A little while ago I almost bought some keys to make something with them but they were to expensive.  

Shabby Chic and vintage stuff is totally "in" right now. Re-purposing and up-cycling junk is no longer frowned upon. Be sure to hit the garage sales cause you might find something worth crafting with!  

Hey readers!

I am so sorry I haven't posted in really long time! I have been super busy. Anyway, I wanted to show a craft I made a while ago. It turned out pretty cute in the end but looking back I think I would have done a few things differently.

 Here is my pink, yellow, and black picture frame. Interesting choice of colors...right? If I chose to recreate this picture frame I think I would paint it white and sand the edges for a distressed look. I also think I would change the color of the words to bright blue. What do you think?

Michael 's craft store carries these cheap wooden frames. I painted the frame pink and cut out that pretty clear paper to fit the outside of the frame. What? Did I just say clear paper? Yes I did! You may have seen it before but it is pretty much one of the greatest things ever invented. You can get in many different patterns at Michaels. I just glued the paper onto the frame and it made the front shining and more professional looking. It also gave it the pattern. Next I added a bow and some words. All Done! A perfect and cheap gift!

Hopefully, soon a will have another amazing fabric flower tutorial! Stay tuned. :)  

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