Friday, August 30, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project

We have been painting like crazy over here! Last week we had a painting day marathon and basically painted everything in sight. 

Our weapon of choice:

I am so excited to show off all our fun projects. Today you get to see "The Beast". 

When we moved about 2 years ago this enormous piece of furniture went into our guest house. The wood is not pretty, however my mom thought the bones had potential. So she decided to chalk paint it. We called in the expert (my aunt) to come help us paint the beast and "shabby up" our pitiful guest quarters.

After about 8 hours of work the china cabinet miraculously turned into a shabby chic work of art. 

         Before                                                                                   After

Amazing transformation right?!
(From Beast to Beauty)

With a good coat of paint my grandmother's china seemed to pop much better and all the little details that no one noticed in the hutch before were plain to see.

We ended up painting the doors and back of the hutch a light blue. This gave it so much more character and interest. After all the painting was finished we waxed and sanded the hutch to give it a shabby look. We also added a tiny bit of Annie Sloan dark wax in the creases of the bead board to make it show up a little bit better. 

It was so much fun to see our hard work pay off. 
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lace Headbands!

A couple weeks ago my grandma gave me her old box of sewing stuff. It had old zippers, thread, lace, and a bunch of random items. You know what that means right? Craft time! :) 

I took a couple of the pieces of old lace and cut them 20 1/2". I also took a piece of 
old scrap elastic and cut it in half. Each half ended up being 3" long. I didn't take a trip to the store, I just used what I had lying around my craft room. If you are going to buy these items I would get stretchy lace so you don't have to get elastic at all. However, if you can't find stretchy lace make sure your elastic is the same width as you lace and a coordinating color (the white elastic didn't look that great with the purple lace. But if you have your hair down...who is gonna notice?)   

Stack your 2 pieces of lace on top of your elastic and sew both ends. I went back and fourth about 6 times to insure it was strong. 

Cut the ends into a point.

And there you have it! A beautiful lace headband and I made mine for free. :)


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Beach Treasures

I recently took a trip to the beach with some friends for my birthday. We had a wonderful and while I was there I collected some shells to remember the special occasion. 
When I came home I made a jar to fill with all my beach treasures. 

I took an old Jelly jar and...

 painted the lid and tied some lace around the top (because everything looks better with lace). 

Finally, I hot glued a sand dollar to the lid to add a beachy touch.

As you can see I didn't fill that jar completely...that is because I am looking forward to many more beach adventures to come.

Here are a few Pinterest beach jars for a few extra ideas :)

Add some sand
 Beach jar

Sort shells, star fish, and sand dollars into different jars.


Put a picture behind.

"My Own Personal Beach" - Jar of seashells and sand from every beach you've been to with a memory

Add a candle for a table centerpiece.

Beach jars

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