Friday, January 6, 2012

Cutest Bags Ever!!!

These bags turned out so cute (if I do say so myself ;) I found the tutorial at . This is such a easy, cheap, DIY tutorial. I am so excited to tell you how I made them.

First I bought canvas bags from Walmart. They have canvas bags in two different sizes and I got the bigger size.

Next I made ruffles for the top. The tutorial for my favorite kind of ruffle is found here . Start by making the ruffle flower but don't twist it. Make four ruffles. Next sew the ruffles onto you bag (all the way around, with a double row).

Now make a flower using my flower tutorial or an kind of flower you want to make. Hot glue it onto corner of the bag over the ruffles.

Finally, check out the Graphic Fairy for some amazing vintage designs. Print your favorite onto iron on paper and iron it onto the bag.

Now your adorable bag should look like one of these. . .

My mom and I made these bags for my aunts for Christmas Presents. it was such a fun project! Enjoy, and happy crafting.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Composition Notebook

Have you ever decorated a composition notebook? It is such a fun and easy craft. Here are some pictures of one that I made today! :)

1. front
2. front inside
3. back inside
4. back

Before I decorated . . .



           Here are some others I made in the past.

Pull out your ugly black note books and get decorating!!! :)

Shoe Makeover #2

I made a new pair of shoes over Christmas break! These ones are PURPLE!!! If you didn't see the first ones I dyed go to... . What do you like better? Orange vs. Purple.  

 Happy New Year!!!!!

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