Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Super easy Crafts!

Christmas is coming!!! I am so excited. Today I wanted to show some quick and easy crafts.

The Oil Cloth Flower...

Who doesn't LOVE oil cloth. It is fun to work with. The possibilities of using oil cloth are endless. I made this oil cloth flower and thought it turned out pretty cute.

All you have to do is cut your favorite oil cloth into the shape of a flower. Then take a vintage spool and glue it into the middle. Next you take some thread and wrap it in and out of the flower pedals. (this causes the flower to become 3D. Finally hot glue your creation to a stick and place it in a jar. When I finished I just added a diamond for a little sparkle.
These were so fun that I made a small bouquet and put them in a vase filled with little rocks.

Fashionable Flip Flops...

During the summer I practically live in Flip Flops! :) I love the cheap colorful ones that you can buy at Old navy. However after a while they get a little boring. So. . . I decorated mine a little.

 All I did was buy some fabric that was on the clearance rack at Walmart. Then I made a flower. You can see the flower tutorial here  http://simplyshabbygirl.blogspot.com/2011/11/fabric-flower.html. After I finished the flower I just hot glued it onto my flip flops.

Canvas Creativity...

There is no right or wrong to this great craft. All you have to do is buy a canvas (I bought mine at Michael's). Then paint it and decorate it. It turns out so cute. I have made several of these but I only have one picture right now.

I decorated mine using my Slice and some cute ribbon that I bought at Walmart.

Hope these crafts gave you some ideas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Pictures to Inspire

Here are some more pictures I took to help inspire you! :)

Catching the sun behind pictures is one of my favorite things to do!

My uncle's dog started to yawn when I took his picture! He is so cute!
I don't know why but I like this picture. What do you think?
These were the sprinkles at my birthday party!

Hope these gave you some fun ideas! Go outside and be creative!!!!
- Haleigh

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