Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fabric Flower

I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite crafts...FABRIC FLOWERS!!!! I Think a fabric flowers makes every outfit elegant and feminine. Here is the tutorial to make your own.

First of all here is my sewing machine
 Here is my sewing table. . .
OK now for the tutorial! Take some fabric and cut it about 4 inches wide and the maximum length of the fabric you bought. Sew along the edge with the open seam (I use a sewing machine, but hand stitching works well also). By doing this step you are closing off the unfinished end (the end that is not folded).

 Once, the sewing is finished turn the strip inside out. This makes a “tube”. Press the “tube” down so it lays flat (ironing is also good to do but is not essential). Next, sew down the middle of the strip. When sewing down the middle, be sure not to tie off either of the ends. Also leave plenty of thread on either end of the strip.

 If you used a sewing machine, carefully pull the bottom thread firmly while holding the rest of the fabric strip. This will cause a cute ruffle.

After pulling from both sides of the strip to create a continuous ruffle all the way down, tie off both ends. If you didn’t use a sewing machine do the same thing except use the one thread.

Now for the fun part, fold the strip in half (long ways) and lay it flat. Curl it into a spiral and hot glue it down periodically.

When you finish it should look like this. . .

Add jewels and buttons to the center!

All Done!!!
Fabric flowers have so many uses. Hot gluing a bobby pin onto the flower makes it an adorable hair accessory. Hot gluing or sewing the flower onto a headband is also a fashionable way to wear it. Putting a pin on the back so that it can attach to a shirt or jacket makes a great gift. You can also glue the flower onto a bag, lamp shade, hat, or basket. The possibilities are endless! If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment in the comment box below! Have fun!


Hannah Krieshok said...

That is soooo cute!!! I have made similar flowers from a knitting pattern that I have.

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

These flowers are so beautiful! I love them! They have so many uses!!!! Thanks for sharing with us over at Junkin Joe...Sending hugs and hope to see you again next week!

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