Monday, September 10, 2012

Hair Hair Hair!!!!!



Two braids on each side, wrapped around mini buns, adorable


Once again, glad I have long hair



A braided bun sock hairdo


She has lots of hair ideas


Have fun and experiment with your hair!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello to all Haleigh`s followers!
I am so blessed to be joining you all!
Here is a little about myself:
I am a young Non-Denominational Christian striving each day to live for the Lord as fully as I can.
I have 6 siblings. 4 Sweet and *very* energetic brothers, and 2 lovely sisters.
I have lived in Somerset, Kentucky all my life, and am blessed to live on a farm and near most of my family!
My dream is to go to Paris , France one day, but I have found that the chances of that are 0%. lol
My blog is "Growing In His Image" (
I try my best to show girls, that no matter how young, or small, you can do amazing things for God.
I also have photo and drawing challenges, and photography. I also share about Modesty, and other topics related.
Please Visit My Blog, and even follow if you can!
Follow me on Instagram to! (meeceaaliyah)

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