Monday, April 30, 2012

Favorite Girl Movies!!!

Girls movie nights are the best!!!!! Here are some or my favorite "Old Fashion" movies...






There is nothing like a mother daughter movie night! :) Enjoy!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Best Iced Mocha Ever!

One of my favorite iced drinks in the summer is my iced mocha!!! 

Here is how to create this delicious drink...

*Get out your blender and put about two cups of water in it.

*Next add some Caffe D'Vita (There are no real measurements for this drink. It all depends on how sweet you want it. So...experiment!) I put in a little over 1/2 cup.

*Next add 1 can of evaporated milk.

*Then a splash of Vanilla Syrup.

*Add ice, and blend.

mhmhmhhmm YUM! Finally top it off with some whipped cream!

Also if you are feeling really sweet, top off the whipped cream with caramel or swirl the inside of the cup with chocolate! Ta-da DELICIOUS!!!  

It might not look as pretty as this but it taste just as good (in my opinion) and is way cheaper!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Hair

Twisty Hair!!!! I found this hair style on Pinterest and HAD to try it. I thought it turned out pretty cute...What do you think?

I just sprayed my hair with a spray bottle, twisted, and bobby pinned. It's that simple!!! It only took me a few minutes but it was about 24 bobby pins later that this cute hairstyle was created! :)

Try it might become your favorite "go to" hairstyle!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I love Easter because it is such an amazing reminder of God's love and faithfulness to us. Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and conquered death by rising from the dead in victory! Jesus became the bridge that crossed the great divide. He made a way for us to spend eternity in heaven with Him. Praise the Lord. What a loving Savior we have. 

In my family, we love tradition. My mom has started so many fun traditions that we do every year for Easter. I wanted to share some of the fun things that we do every year that help us remember Christ's sacrifice.

One of our favorite traditions is our EASTER GARDEN.

What you will need...

* Three crosses
* A cup
* A plastic container
* A round rock
1. Fill the container with dirt 
2. Bury the cup in the dirt with the hole showing
3. soak some wheat berries in water for about 30 min 

4. Next cover the dirt with the wheat berries
5. Finally Stick the three crosses over the cup and set the rock on the side

Your garden should look like this...

Start your garden about 2 weaks before Easter so it can grow beautiful grass. Spray it with a spray bottle several times a day.

On Good Friday wrap "Jesus" up in grave clothes and lay Him in the tomb. Then on Easter morning roll the stone away and take "Jesus" out. Put an angel in His place and read the Easter story together as a family!!! 


Benjamin's Box - Religious Christian Easter Books for Kids

The Very First Easter - Religious Christian Easter Books for Kids

I own these books and think they are great!


Twelve days before Easter we start opening our Resurrection Eggs. In each egg there is an item with a piece of paper describing what it represents. 

reminds me of the last supper. Matt 26:26
reminds me that Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver Matt 26:14-16
reminds me Jesus was arrested and brought before Pilate and beaten. 
reminds me that Jesus was taken to the governor and there they made fun of Him because He said He was a king. They put a purple robe on Him. Matt 27: 28
reminds me that the people who didn't love Jesus made a crown of thorns and pressed it into His head. Matt 27:29
reminds me that Jesus had to carry the big cross up the hill called Golgotha. Matt 27: 32
reminds me that Jesus had to be nailed to the cross so that we could be forgiven of our sins. Matt 27:35
reminds me that the soldiers cast lots for Jesus' clothing. Matt 17:35
reminds me that when Jesus was thirsty and asked for a drink of water they gave Him vinegar on a sponge. Matt 27:48
reminds me that Jesus' friends took His body and wrapped Him in grave clothes and buried Him in a tomb. Matt 27:59
reminds me that early on Easter morning the Angel came and rolled the stone away from the tomb.Matt 28:2  
12. EMPTY 
this reminds me that the tomb was empty!!!! Jesus is risen!

I hope your Easter is wonderful! If you have any traditions or comments please leave a comment below. I would love to hear them.  

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