Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is more fun than getting a hand written letter in the mail? I love ripping open an envelope from a friend to see what they have written inside. I think that receiving a letter in the mail is way more meaningful that getting a text or an email. A friendly note shows how much you care about a person. Taking the time to write, address, and mail a letter takes time. Sadly, not very many people write letters anymore. Either they don't know what to say or they are to lazy to take the time to write one.

I want to encourage everyone to write notes of encouragement to your friends. You will be surprised how much joy you will have in writing a simple note. :)


Another fun thing is buying or making cute note cards. Vista Print has really cute notes and return address labels!!!! You can personalize and design the return address labels yourself. They are also really cheap! Go check out this amazing site !!!

 Instead of emailing your friend to see how they are doing, you should write them a note. I guarantee your friend will feel more appreciated, and if your lucky you might get a letter back! :)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am in a ruffles mood!


I think this skirt is so cute!!! Sadly, I didn't make it (I found it on Pinterest). However it would be so easy to make. has adorable pre-ruffled fabric. The fabric is sorta pricey but the end result would be worth it. Plus it would only take a few minutes to put together. :)


The second skirt is a little more beachy! So cute right?
There are so many amazing tutorials for ruffled you have no excuse (like me) not to make one!

I am totally gonna make a ruffled skirt some day!

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