Monday, October 28, 2013

Update and My Vintage Finds

There is to much to put into words what has been happened in the last few months. For starters we hired a computer company to eliminate data and to move files to an external hard drive so that our computer would be faster. However, in the process they deleted all of our pictures! This started a frantic search and recovery process that took hours and hours of time on the computer and phone. In the end, we recovered most but not all the photos and they are no longer in files but jumbled all around! As you can imagine this was heartbreaking and more work than I could have dreamed!  In the little time I have had to sit down and post, I realize how much time it would take to find the pictures (from all my fall creations) and I became discouraged. Although I have not been posting I have time to sneak away and do what I for vintage finds, upcycle and craft! Today I want to show some amazing vintage finds that I have bought lately.
1.  Children's Stories From The Masters
My Grandma and I found this little treasure in a cute antique shop in our town and immediately fell in love with its bright colors and adorable pictures. We bought it for my mom for her birthday.

2. Retro Yellow Phone
Is this not the cutest!!? I bought it for $4 at a thrift store and it actually works. 

3. Brownie Holiday Camera
I bought this little guy at a vintage flea market for $15.
4. White Rotarty Sewing Machine
This beautiful vintage sewing machine only cost me $7. It now has a place of honor on my dresser in my room.
5. Step Ladder Display
See the cute little ladder I recently found? After choosing some of my favorite vintage collectibles I created a display with the ladder. Who wouldn't want to sit here and read?
6. Old Book
I have no idea what this book is about but I had to get it because I love the font used on the side.
7. Window
My mom and I got a 2 for $15 deal on some old windows we found at a flea market. It was quite the steal! This window is now hanging in my room.
8. Old Postal Scale
I found all of these items for extremely cheap by knowing how much things are worth, waiting until I found what I wanted, and using some extreme persistence in talking venders down!
 It saves a lot of money if you are willing to spend the time to get a good bargain!
I am excited to show you some new projects that are in the making!
I hope you all are having a happy fall and that you get a chance to bake up some fall desserts. :)
Love, Haleigh


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Im in love with vintage stuff too! Like it takes me back in time to think of the people were in there eyes the items were new, were in ours its old.

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