Monday, February 4, 2013

I am back!

Yes! I am still alive! :) I am so sorry I haven't posted in months I have been super busy. I can't believe January is done already. Wow. I have been up to way to much fun lately and you poor folks haven't heard about any of it... ;) Although I haven't posted in a long time I have been working on my blog a lot! If you read my blog by email...hop on over and see my new design. Yay I am in love with it. I would love to hear your thoughts as I continue to make this little craft blog more "professional" looking. You may be thinking "this girl can't make up her mind on her blog design". It is true that I have changed it countless times but I think this one is here to stay (I mean look at that cute little birdie).
Anyway I hope you still remember me and if you don't already follow my blog I would love the support.  

There are many great things to come like...
and other random stuff

I hope you all have a great week. 

P.S. I got a super cool metal stamp set for Christmas and can't wait to make many creations with it. My mind has been going crazy with all the possible crafts I can make. I can't wait to get started and show you everything! 


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