Monday, October 15, 2012

Hex Nut Braceletes

These adorable bracelets are super easy and fun to make. I would love to say that they are my own idea but alas I cannot. I feel like everyone thinks of all the cute creative stuff before me. However, recently I made a super cute craft that came right from my own head. I am super excited to post my "DIY Flower Belt" in a few days. It is made from an old pair of suspenders! You are going to love it.:)

 Anyway, you can find a great tutorial for the Hex Nut bracelets all over the web. I bought a little bit of a bigger hex nut size because the ones that this link uses are super small.  

Here are some pictures of how some other people got creative with the hex nut bracelet theme...

DIY hex nut bracelets

                   found here

Hex nut bracelets and wrapped bangles.

                                  found here

More hex nut bracelets, loving the pink leather

                                 found here

Hex Nut bracelets

                                found here

Add some color and be creative! Hope you have a wonderful fall day! See you soon!


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