Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY Nail Flowers

Don't you just love having your nails done and getting an adorable flower painted on? I wanted to share with my nail flower tutorial because it is pretty much the best. :)

Start with your favorite colors...

I am a huge Essie fan! Their nail polish is the best. My favorite color is... Cute as a Button

Paint on your base coat and color coat and wait a few minutes for it to dry. But don't let it dry all the way because you are going to need it to be a little bit soft while you are doing the flower.

Okay now you can start the masterpiece. Take a tooth pic with a  ROUND FLAT TOP. This is the key of you don't have the right tooth pic it will fail. :(
You can buy them at Safeway. 

Take your white nail polish and put a little bit on a hard surface with the brush. Next dip your tooth pic into the white paint. Paint five dots on your nail (I prefer putting them toward the corner).

Now take the other end (pointy end) of the tooth pic and pull the dots to the middle.

Super cute right???

Finally add some bling. You can get little nail diamonds at Walmart.

All that is left to do is a top coat once the flower is completely dry. 

Have fun showing off you adorable nails and smiling when people ask you, "Where did you them done?" :)


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