Monday, November 14, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

You gotta LOVE pumpkin carving! It is so fun. I love finding a cute pumpkin and then an adorable pattern to match it. Every year my family has a pumpkin carving contest (everyone is getting so good it is hard to keep up).

Some Pumpkins are cute... 

Some are scary...

This is is mine :)... It is Scar form The Lion King.
My little brother carved this all by himself (first time). This is the bird from  the iPod game Angry Birds.
My other brother did a 3D pumpkin for the first time. It turned out great. Sorry for the bad picture!

Next year your family should try out this fun contest. I look foreword to it every year. :) Thanks for stopping by!


Alicia said...

Who did that gorgeous Snow White pumpkin?! They did an aaaaaamaazing job! (; hehehe

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